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About America is on Sale

America is on Sale is a cutting edge personal investment company that was created to take advantage of the current real estate opportunities created from the bust market in the United States.

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Who We Are and What We Do Makes You Successful

America Is On Sale Inc is a company that specializes in Tax Foreclosures, Business Plans and Fundraising for business and more.  See our services sections for more or call 403-726-2371.
Our focus is Tax Foreclosures in Houston and the Harris County area in Texas.  Below is how the system works.

I Bought A Condo For $25,000 In A Gated Community With A Pool!
After The Auction I Had The Deed To The Property In My Hand

It is normal to be cynical about a statement like that, I was!
A few months back I was approached by an individual who promised me he could make me wealthy, very quickly. However, although he was sincere, whenever, I was around him he would be watching videos or listening to CD's rather than actually working. I guess it was his age, but, that made me nervous.

Maybe he was watching all those videos to learn how to explain this opportunity? After getting to know me, he opened up and discussed how I could make 25% on my money in only a year or less through something called Tax Foreclosures (something that does not exist in Canada).

It all sounded very fishy to me and being that I had an Uncle lose his shirt on real estate and I have an extensive political background, I was already cynical.

I asked for further information and I was pointed to some websites and I let him know if I was interested, I would get back to him. The websites were not enough for me as anyone can post things to the Internet.

What this person did not know is I decided to do my homework. He claimed Texas was the place to be and he was specifically focusing on the Houston area at that particular time.

So I called Harris County administrators (the County where Houston is located) and explained what I was told. I also called some legislative representatives as well. To my amazement they verified absolutely everything this person said to me was true!

Here is my conversation with a bureaucrat in Harris County:

Me: Yes I am calling about your Tax Foreclosure system in your county can you please explain to me the process and how I as an investor can profit?

Harris County: As a government we want to insure that taxes owed to us are paid. In Texas we are the first in line. We place a tax lien on the property with delinquent property taxes and then sell the delinquent tax debt to investors. This is all done at an auction once a month at our downtown Houston location.

Me: How do I as an investor profit?

Harris County: You invest your money with us and we guarantee a return.

Me: How is that?

Harris County: Well there are two options. The home owner has 6 months to pay their back taxes to us to get their home back and if they do they must also pay 25% of what you invested. We will then send you the full amount you bid to get the property plus 25% as a cost of doing business with us. The second option is simple. The taxpayer fails to pay their delinquent taxes and interest owed and we give you the the property outright. In fact, the day of the auction you can register yourself as the owner and get a deed to the property.

Me: So you are telling me as an investor in a tax lien I will get paid for the purchase of the tax lien plus a minimum interest or receive the real estate free and clear of all other liens including mortgages?

Harris County: Yes. As for the mortgages they are wiped out because we take first position and this is mandated by Texas law.

I was stunned!

Even after verification by two different levels of government I was still a little cynical, but, being that this person was a member of a business organization I run, I owed it to my members to do all I could to verify.

So... this person and I talked some more and he said “I will pay for you to come down to Houston, Texas with me on my next trip so you can see, feel and touchI took him up on his offer. I ended up being the driver for what he called his “Due Diligence RunI was paying attention. We visited 37 homes in one day! However, I knew things could be done better. For example if in advance things were organized by community and constructively used GPS we would get through more properties.

Houston is where I decided I did not want to miss out on an incredible opportunity.

America Is On Sale was born in Houston, Texas on May 31, 2010 on a “Due Diligence Run” car ride. I remember it was at 1:30 pm on our way to the beautiful Galleria District of Houston that I came up with this name and wanted to share this opportunity with family and friends.

I knew this is what I wanted to do and I knew looking at properties in advance of the auction was the key. Shockingly, some people would just look at the auction minimum bid (clearing up the taxes) without ever looking at the property (I know this as I asked people). I knew if homes were in bad shape and needed foundation work, roof repairs etc... my competition failed!

The auction process was exciting, I learned a lot and I again verified everything that day with the bureaucrats and other attendees. Now I have partners and we have some excellent techniques to get the places you desire and we will reveal these strategies to those who invest America Is On Sale.

Tax Foreclosures are real! So is the profit to be made from it!

This is an opportunity that was created as a result of the Sub Prime Mortgage and housing crisis in the United States. Through crisis comes opportunity for those who are prepared and ready to act.

At America Is On Sale we are offering you an opportunity to take part in the greatest wealth transfer on earth!
Our First Tax Lien Purchase in Houston, Texas
Invest With Us Directly - With Joint Venture Agreements, where we actually go into business with you, giving you ownership, access to the bank account and do not do a thing without your approval.

We put you in the drivers seat! We help you maximize your investment. Give us a call today at 403-726-2371 or email me directly at and we will respond promptly.

I encourage you to act quickly because never before has this been available and it will soon pass as many good opportunities do.

Happy Capitalism,

Craig B. Chandler

Chief Financial Officer
America Is On Sale Inc.
Phone: 403-726-2371

PS - At America Is On Sale, we are not greedy. We are buying low and selling low and that is why our properties sell. If for example we buy at 20 cents on the dollar, we will sell below market value to ensure a quick sale. Look at it this way, if you were a regular home shopper and had a choice to pay $150,000 for a new home or $50,000 for one of our properties, you would choose the later. Call us today or you will be regretting that you did not secure your families future via the the biggest wealth transfer in the history of mankind!

Please do your own homework and check out our Real Estate report by Joel Dixon by clicking here.  Also please watch the following videos to learn even more about why you want your money in Texas!

Please respond to us by replying all when this is done.

Craig B. Chandler
Chief Executive Officer
America Is On Sale Inc
P: 403-726-2371